Weekly Newsletter Planner Guidebook

Imagine that you could gain AND keep subscribers on your email list. Sounds amazing doesn't it?

It is possible when you follow the Weekly Newsletter Planner Guidebook.

For pennies on the dollar you can work at your own pace and use this planner over and over again. 

This planner is worth hundreds of dollars for the knowldge it brings.

Gain and Keep Subscribers

Sending an email to your subscribers should be easy. But being one of the select that is allowed to email a subscriber is a privilege and with privilege comes responsibilty.

Learn HOW to email your subscribers and truly speak to them in your emails. 

Who Are You Talking To?

Learn Your Audience

What Are You Saying?

Are They Listening?

Why Should They Stay?

Offer Them Value

Know, Like, Trust Factor

Gain Trust, Keep Subscribers

They Want to Give Their Email But They Are Wary

Tell Them Who You Truly Are, Be Personable

Weekly Newsletter Planner Guidebook

The help you need to get your newsletters sent - consistently, cleanly, and with true purpose each and every time.

With 35 pages and over 3,800 words to guide and lead you, you will find the clarifty and confidence you need to get your newsletters sent.

INCREASE Website visits and Ad CONVERSIONS with well written and excuted

Weekly Newsletters

The Idea Journal offers you space to track your ideas that you want to share and use in your newsletters.

The Idea Finder offers you prompts to go look for and find ideas to share to help increase your ROI.

The Promotions Calender offers you a full view for you to map out upcoming promotions to share.

The Content and Editorail Calendar offers you a detailed way to plan your email content.

The Know, Like, Trust Factor offers you ideas and space so you can build trust with your readers.

The Disclaimer is a vital portion of your newsletter along with an affiliate disclosure statement.


The Social Sharing offers you a way to list your social media so you can include them in your newsletter.

Worksheets that offer help and ways to clarify your message, content, calendar and more.

$37 Gets You a Workable Planner that offers Guided Information and Worksheets to Help You Gain and Keep Newsletter Subscribers.

No more flying by the seat of your pants. This Weekly Newsletter Planner Guidebook makes the intimidation of beginning (or growing and maintaining) a newsletter and keeping up with the writing, editing, planning as easy as a lazy morning with a cup of coffee.

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