21 Ideas to Overcome Procrastination

No one likes to admit that they have tendencies to procrastinate. Some of us more than others lean in HARD to the procrastination call. While there are common causes and reasons for procrastination, there are even more “cures”.

Use this booklet to help you pick through these twenty-one ideas to find the strategy or strategies that work for you and your business and get back on track to what you love.

You don't have to continue to be a Procrastinator

Using this booklet will allow you to identify areas in your life as well as your business where you tend to procrastinate.

Utilize EVEN one of the ideas to help eliminate procrastination from your daily life for good!

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21 Ideas to Overcome Procrastination

A peek inside . . .

A few of the helps included in this booklet:

Banish the Guilt

Guilt and shame have no place in working on becoming the person we were born to be. 

Tame the Time Stealers

Tame repetitive behaviors by setting a limit to how many times per day you can indulge in that particular activity.

Make a To-Do List

This seems like a simple enough task to avoid procrastination but it is only helpful if you actually use your list.

Adjust Expectations

Do some cognitive restructuring and start giving yourself positive messages about the task. 

Use Prompts

Make an infographic of your favorite inspiring phrases—or buy one. Frame it. Keep it on your desk.

Excuses are not Reasons

Working "under pressure" is a misconception that allows for avoiding and completing tasks.


Create daily habits that will help you elminate procrastination; do these new tasks every day.

Short Lists

Short lists are easier and let you accomplish goals you set and will help you avoid procrastination.

Focus on Goals

Focus on your goals for your life and business and you will side step procrastination more often than not.

$37 Gets You this Booklet that will Bring to Light Ideas for You to Learn to Overcome Procrastination in your Life and Business.

No more flying by the seat of your pants and not reaching your goals. Procrastination is sometimes insight to things not being "right" but that isn't always the case.

With this booklet you can identify if that is the root or if you serioulsy just need some help in overcoming procrastination.

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